Without You I Am Nothing

« The piece results from a collaboration between Ramon Pozo and Lucas Minkus and takes the form of an a cappella concert of love songs. It is about desire, manipulation, projection, pleasure, violence, endings and beginnings, the performer's longing for love and the spectator's desire to be entertained. Without You I Am Nothing examines the economy and ideology of emotion within the popular music culture’s love discourse and within the social encounter of theatre. » Eszter Salamon

« Ramon and Lucas are autodidact artists with a living and working attitude that are very close to ours. We decided to present their new production because of their charismatic performative power. We believe they will create a great deal of poetry and entertainment throughout their excursion into the performance world. The apparently ‘tough’ guys change their attitude during the performance towards a sensible and loving, alternative masculinity. » Eszter Salamon / Aranxta Martinez

Ramon Pozo is young but ambitious. He spent some time in a Brazilian favela. He comes from a hiphop dance background, but as he grows older he has "higher" goals: contemporary performance and a certain blend of identity politics and phat beats. In fact, he is the son of a famous clown (Pozo the Clown) somewhere in the Iberian Peninsula - but they traveled a lot, and so no one knows for sure. He is at home in the whole world. He is very charming and he knows it.

Lucas Minkus is his friend. He's more awkward concerning people. He's an artist and very modest about it. He began his career in theatre before falling on hard times. His career was ruined after a turbulent affair with a theater director's wife, came to a humiliating end. He sank into a pit of alcoholism and despair, before pulling himself up by his own socks and beginning his own children's puppet theatre and magic show. Now he does magic tricks at children's birthday parties.

With his charm, Ramon gets them known to other people and invited to all parties. Lucas thinks that's O.K.

Concept Eszter Salamon Direction Eszter Salamon and Arantxa Martinez
Performance Ramon Pozo, Lucas Minkus Musical assistance Christian Garcia, Gérald Kurdian Technical direction and lights Götz Dihlmann
Production and organisation Alexandra Wellensiek / Botschaft
Coproduction Tanznacht Berlin 2006 Thanks to Maria Barrios, Valérie Huguenin, Miguel Rodriganez, Alain Roux, Lola Rubio, Sophiensaele.