Sommerspiele (2023)
25:41 min., film

We are delighted to invite you to Eszter Salamon's second film Sommerspiele at the Hors Pistes Festival at Le Centre Pompidou in Paris. 
The film will be presented from January 18 to February 18 in the frame of the exhibition.
February 3 at 8 pm, a screening will be followed by a discussion with Eszter Salamon in the Centre Pompidou's cinema.

Sommerspiele is Eszter Salamon’s second film. Set in several spaces which were built to host the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, it creates connections between the past and present, performance and film, body and architecture, movement and camera. The film examines the presence and absence of bodies in public spaces and the function of historical places within the current social and political imagination. Its cinematic composition is built upon historical facts, personal memories, and speculation.

With references to the German Avant Garde artist Valeska Gert’s (Gertrud Valesca Samosch, 1892-1978) work and life, Salamon confronts the historical context of the Nazi Summer Olympic Games. The historical traces of the site carry memories of the numerous relationships that architects and artists had with the National Socialist regime while others, including Gert herself, were considered makers of 'Degenerate Art’.

Sommerspiele addresses the politics of remembering and forgetting with the aim of gaining new awareness. It faces the failures of collective memory in the form of a poetic resistance to the cinematographic, choreographic, sculptural, and architectural representations of Nazi propaganda. While doing so, the film emphasises ‘the grotesque’ that Valeska Gert used as an artistic weapon and through its narrative, it destabilises our memory of the images of the 1936 Summer Olympic Games.


We are thrilled to announce the excellent news: Eszter Salamon was awarded the prestigious Hedda Prize 2023 in the category Best Scenography and Costume for costume design for Monument 0.10: The Living Monument in collaboration with Carte Blanche!

Sommerspiele (2023)
25:41 min., film

MAY 24th, 2023, 7 p.m.
Presentation following a discussion with curator Dorothee Richter moderated by Johanna M. Keller within the accompanying programme of the exhibition MACHT RAUM GEWALT Akademie der Künste, Hanseatenweg, Berlin, Germany

During the 16th Lyon Biennale of Contemporary Art, curated by Sam Bardaouil & Till Fellrath, we are thrilled to present Study for the Valeska Gert Pavilion (2022), a performative installation developed with eleven young dance artists from the National Conservatory of Music and Dance of Lyon (CNSMD).

In 2020  Eszter Salamon is the recipient of La Vie Bonne call for projects by the French National Centre for Visual Arts (CNAP) and Aware: Archive of Women Artists, Research and Exhibitions.

Eszter Salamon receives the Evens Arts prize 2019

We are happy to share the wonderful news that Eszter Salamon has received the The Evens Arts Prize 2019. Composer Éliane Radigue receives the Special Mention of the Jury.

The laureates were selected by an independent jury, who chose from a list of 45 internationally acclaimed artists, nominated by representatives of major European cultural institutions.

The Jury of the Evens Arts Prize 2019
Cristina Grande, Head of the Performing Arts Department, Serralves Foundation, Porto | Andrea Lissoni, Senior Curator of International Art (Film), Tate Modern, London | Malgorzata Ludwisiak, Director, Ujazdowski Castle, Center for Contemporary Art, Warsaw | Frank Madlener, Director, IRCAM, Paris | Christophe Slagmuylder, Artistic Director, Wiener Festwochen, Vienna | Ernest Van Buynder, President of the Jury, former Chairman, M KHA, Antwerp.

The Laureate
The Jury has acknowledged Eszter Salamon’s ambitious and uncompromising work that explores contemporary issues touching upon what has been forgotten, excluded and repressed in Western consciousness. The Jury has particularly valued the strong European resonance of her work and the way it articulates individual and collective experiences. Building on history to imagine a possible future, Salamon’s œuvre embodies an immaterial inheritance of gestures, movements and dances to reaffirm art’s insight into the contemporary world.

The Special Mention of the Jury
The Jury recognised and awarded with a special mention the unique path of French composer Éliane Radigue. A true “artists’ artist”, Radigue’s work has been deeply shaped by a constant interest and curiosity towards the world. Exploring minimal rhythms and changes in different harmonies that unfold into intricate sonic webs, she has been a major influence for generations of composers, musicians and artists alike. Her compositions continue to touch audiences and appeal for unique forms of empathy, understanding, and introspection.

One of the most innovative and important contemporary composers, and pioneer of electronic music, Éliane Radigue began a renewal of her creative process in 2002. Enriching her compositions with new timbres and resonances, she has been collaborating with acoustic instrument performers, for whom she composes without any score, according to the principle of oral and aural transmission.

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