Summer Rituals #1
Workshop and performance, Budapest July 2021

The following research project is addressing young independent artists with theatre, dance, film, and visual arts background. The aim of this proposal is to collectively reflect on the narrowing physical, artistic, and political environment of the independent art scene today, and to gain visibility for artistic practice in public space.

The Summer Rituals #1 are occasions for re-encountering the public body of ours through an aesthetic experience. Along these rituals we can raise the following questions: How to be present in public space after long months of social and physical isolation?  Can we re-enact our coexistence through performance? Can we envision individual and collective actions that affect all of us?

Summer Rituals #1
The workshop invites participants for an individual and collective journey where temporal elongation and slowness is at the centre of attention. During the three days we will explore exercises with the focus on sensing and sensations, and approach movement production from there.

Following the exploration in the studio, we will present performances in public space (most possibly a park and/or a museum) to share the experience with bystanders and the public of the given locations. The aim is to create situations within which performers and viewers alike have the possibility to immerse in imaginary times and spaces. The Summer Rituals #1 are occasions for opening up memory and the possibility for meditation on the present. Suspending the spatial and temporal logics of the ‘every day’ may allow altered perceptions to occur within a momentary community of doers and viewers.

Developed from a concept and performance scores by Eszter Salamon People who have participated in the project Viola Lukács, Helén Tamaskó, Bíborka Béres, Balázs Oláh, Attila Dániel, Réka Pável, Milla Moksony Project coordinator Gréta Süveges, Ágota Kotsis Thanks to Goli Tánchely, Workshop Foundation, Goethe-Institut Ungarn

Supported by Bureau Ritter / TANZPAKT RECONNECT, which is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the NEUSTART KULTUR initiative, Germany

©Matyi Czeglédi