“…Our visual perception therefore does not provide us with a complete picture or idea of reality. Nevertheless, we use visible reality as an effect of reality in order to construct our image of reality.” Peggy Phelan

Through duration and micro-events Nvsbl reflects on the representations, understandings and performative bounderies of what reveals itself as movement. The performance aims to produce displacements between thoughts, memories and senses by plunging the spectators into a sensory hallucination towards these troubled areas, in which the visual is confused with sensual, intellectual and emotional perceptions and recognitions.

Concept and artistic direction Eszter Salamon In collaboration with and performed by Susanne Berggren, Valérie Castan, Lola Rubio, Christine De Smedt Lights Sylvie Garot  Production and organization Botschaft / Alexandra Wellensiek Coproduction PACT Zollverein, Choreographisches Zentrum NRW (Essen), Kaaitheater (Brussels), Centre chorégraphique national de Montpellier Languaedoc-Roussillion, Les Spectacles vivants/Centre Pompidou (Paris) With the suppport of Tanz im August - Internationales Tanzfest (Berlin), NPN (national network for the performance) funded by Tanzplan Deutschland, Culture 2000