Magyar Tàncok
(Hungarian Dances)

In Magyar Tàncok, Eszter Salamon, examines her own biographical and choreographic past presented together with Hungarian folk dance and music specialists, who happen to be her family and friends with whome she has practiced those traditions as a child and till her youth. From a critical perspective, Salamon scrutinizes the Hungarian folk dances as well as classical and contemporary dance techniques she later acquired, and, through a conference she confronts them revealing us the historicity of her own body. She presents her personal experience of the Hungarian dance traditions that usually don’t reflect (female) subjectivity much. For this piece, she reconnects with them through learning several male dances that she has always wanted to learn back then.

We are invited to join this autobiographical enquiry, witnessing an artist questioning and confronting her influences, somewhere between a lecture and a salon, opening for everyone present the possibility to relfect through her story on their own history.

Conception and direction Eszter Salamon With Endre Liber, Róbert Liber, Róbert Csögör, Zoltán Gémesi, Erzsébet Salamon, Ferenc Salamon, Eszter Salamon Musical concept Ferenc Salamon Assistant Zoltán Gémesi Production Festival Les Intranquilles, Villa Gillet, Lyon, Hauptstadtkulturfonds and Botschaft Thanks to Sarolta Salamon, Soma Salamon, Gáspár Salamon, Ferenc Salamon, Tibor Konczos and Christophe Wavelet