Dance #2

Dance #2 is a trial to extend potentialities of relation and communication.

De Smedt and Salamon propose to experience different relationships between choreography and language as they renegotiate communication while creating and renewing sense and meaning. This duet is in two parts: Listening & Mouthing, Words & Gestures. These games, where the hierarchy between oral and written languages is often challenged, imply consensus and dissensus. Their content is oscillating between arbitrariness and reflexion. It could be compared with inventing by learning a language together, which is the poetic by-product of any artistic and love relationship. In Dance #2, the spectators co-habit the same space as the performers, forming a diffused horizontal landscape of bodies.

Choreography and performance Eszter Salamon & Christine De Smedt
Production Le Kwatt, Eszter Salamon & Christine De Smedt
Thanks to Alexandra Wellensiek, Ana Vujanovic