a film-choreography

Imagine you pick up a photo album in the street. You open it and see people you don’t know: pictures of holidays, familiar poses and gestures, faces of strangers smiling at you as if you were a relative or close friend who was meant to see the photos… Isn’t it strange, and rather uncanny, to peer into another person’s life when one has come across the evidence of it by pure chance?

On a stage that contracts and expands, folds and unfolds in two or three spaces between here and elsewhere, eight people speak and sing a soundtrack of their unrelated lives and times. What brings them together? What makes them speak like everyone else, as a singular but not a particular person? What does it mean to meet another person whose being doesn’t concern you in any particular way? What makes the expression of each one seem whatever, and yet being such that it always matters?

Direction and research Eszter Salamon Concept and dramaturgy Eszter Salamon and Bojana Cvejić With Aude Lachaise, Eszter Salamon, Bojana Cvejić  Camera and editing Minze Tummescheit Editing assistant, subtitles Arne Hector Light design Sylvie Garot Sound design Peter Lenaerts, Peter Connelly Music Peter Lenaerts/ ‘aisikl Technical direction Raphael Vincent Text proofreading Geoffrey Garrison French translation Céline Schwaller Research Cécile Buclin, Simone Pallechi Production and Organization Alexandra Wellensiek / Botschaft Production assistant Barbara Greiner Production assistents Budapest Klàra Kunsàgi, Zoltàn Imely Make up Budapest Bea Téren, Julianna Kollàr Technical assistant Budapest Imre Tajti Props film Attila Fehérhegyi Video film Gàspàr Téri Photographs Arne Hector et Minze Tummescheit Coproduced by Festival d’Automne-Paris, Les Spectacles Vivants-Centre Pompidou-Paris, Les Subsistances (Residence)-Lyon, Pact Zollverein- Choreographisches Zentrum - Essen, KunstenFestival des Arts-Brussels Centre National de la Danse-Paris, TanzQuartier-Vienna Supported by Botschaft, Centre Chorégraphique de Montpellier Languedoc-Roussillon-Montpellier, Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin, Hebbel-am-Ufer-Berlin and Flórián Mühely - Mozgó Ház Alapítvány With the support of IDEE, Cultural programme 2000 of the European Union Thanks to Eszter Salamon, Eszter Salamon, Eszter Salamon, Eszter Salamon, Esther Salamon, Ferenc Salamon, Erzsébet Gyarmati, Sarolta Salamon, Vince Konczos, Kata Konczos, Gyöngyi Salamon, László Hudi, Jocelyne Fracheboud, Paulette Dantoine, Hannah Birnfeld, Marcell Ivànyi, Nicolas Siepen, Alain Roux, Marie-Marine Pouderoux, Zoopalast-Berlin, Théatre le Sémaphore-Irigny, Théatre le Polaris-Corbas, Gilles Grand and Francis Ehrhardt (ENBA Lyon)