LANDING (a ritual of empathy)

Imagine people living on the Southern part of a continent. Imagine people from a distant continent migrating to that same land hundreds of years ago. Imagine the local people defending their lands from the invaders and the Republics created in their territories for centuries. Imagine the conflict escalating into a genocide hundreds of years later. Imagine the Republics implementing national policies promoting migration in order to develop the local economies at the dawn of the last century.

Imagine people from the distant continent escaping poverty and wars and once again fleeing to this land. Imagine the local people’s lands ending up in the new settlers’ hands, leaving them in poverty. Imagine these people’s efforts in securing rights to land and natural resources. Imagine how this planted the seed of one of the most drawn out land disputes in history.

Through embodiment and transformation of dancing and singing rituals of the Mapuches, LANDING not only conjures amnesia; it also imagines a future caring for the common and the sharable. This transfigured ritual activates a temporary landscape, ‘a possibility of living’, where past and present trace each other, and where the local and the global reverberate.

Artistic direction Eszter Salamon Artistic collaboration Boglàrka Börcsök Developed with & performed by Liza Baliasnaja, Sidney Barnes, Mario Barrantes Espinoza, Boglàrka Börcsök, Péter Börcsök, Amanda Barrio Charmelo, Louis-Clement da Costa, Stefan Govaart, Sara Tan, Tiran Willemse, in collaboration with a dozen of invited performers Production Elodie Perrin /Studio E.S., Alexandra Wellensiek/Botschaft GbR Thanks to João Martins, Péter Börcsök Presentation KFDA, WIELS Thanks to Charleroi Danses